Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere – Reunited, and it Feels so Good… sometimes.
Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? The Starks and the People of The Seven Kingdoms are Ready to Rock!

Folks, the table is set; the guests are on their way.

After many moons, the most anticipated TV event in quite some time finally aired. But enough about God Friended Me, let’s talk about last night’s season 8 premiere Game of Thrones. Or as I like to call it, This is Your Life: Stark’s Edition.

Season 8 will primarily take place in and around Winterfell and King’s Landing so it’s no surprise that folks who haven’t seen each other in years will greet each other with varying degrees of awkwardness.

Uh, this is Awkward – Bran Stark

The reunions with Bran Stark were all a tad awkward. Jon Snow couldn’t contain his joy at seeing his sibling-in-spirit. Meanwhile, Bran, the life of the party reminds everyone they’re about to die. Jon immediately moves on to hug his other “sibling-in-spirit” Sansa.

Jaime Lannister looked a little green around the gills when he caught Bran staring right through him upon his arrival at Winterfell. Hey Jaime! Remember me? If memory serves, you helped me out of a watchtower window!

Good times!

No Love Lost – Sansa and Tyrion

Tyrion was decent to Sansa after they got married, only to get left holding a poisoned chalice if you get my drift. So you kinda understand why Tyrion was less than thrilled to see his former wife.

Granted, Sansa did marry Tyrion by choice. You can’t blame her for taking off when she had the chance. She didn’t owe anyone, anything.

And even as Tyrion gave her props for becoming the Lady of Winterfell and a straight-up player, she hit him where it hurts. She insulted his intellect. Ouch.

Three Men and a Ruthless Assassin – Arya Stark

Arya is by far, the most popular Stark among the menfolk and not for the reason most of you gutter-minded people would think. Actually, it’s three different reasons. She’s a well-rounded girl.

Gendry can’t help but flirt by the forge with the girl who saved his life more than once. And she can’t help but smile the biggest smile we’ve seen on Arya’s face since… heck, we have seen her smile before right?

And The Hound doesn’t even try to hide his affection calling her a “cold little bitch.” In The Hound’s world that’s like a strict parental figure saying “I’m so proud of you.”

My favourite Arya reunion though was with Jon. The comparing of swords was a nice touch of humour and her sly response to his query about her ever having to use “Needle” was pitch perfect. All in all, it was a loving and warm moment, while also serving as a stark—pun absolutely intended—reminder of Jon’s roots.

All I know is I’m looking forward to the next five Sundays. It’s going to be a wild ride as Game of Thrones hurtles towards the end.

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