Finding the Source

My heart hurts.
Both literally and metaphorically.

Doing what is right doesn’t always reward you with the results you expect. But knowing that possibility exists doesn’t lessen the hurt any less.

And while I hurting, I’m feeling an intense anger that I’ve never felt before.

Anger is not a foreign feeling to me, but this anger is on a whole other level.

You see, I’ve got two anger hot-spots.

Firstly, the snakes who take advantage of people who are willing to stick their neck out for what’s right.

Secondly, fools. I have never suffered fools gladly.

I’ve experienced one or the other many times; sometimes both at the same time.

Recently, I’ve found myself in both these figurative hot-spots.

And as I reflect, I realize I am the fool. I thought too highly of myself, ignoring anything that suggested otherwise.

I plowed ahead because I thought being on the right side was all I needed.

How tremendously ignorant I was.


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