A Vote for Sensibility

Canada votes on Monday.

I’m ashamed to say, I don’t know who to vote for.

Millions of people died under the auspices of freedom and I truly believe that they would be ashamed of the possible results.

Having said that, I’m happy to live in a country such as Canada where it really doesn’t matter who’s in power. My day to day life won’t change that much regardless.

Sure, some policies will have an effect on me but most won’t change my life in the long-term for either good or bad. One party creates a new law, the a new party changes the law and on and on it goes.

I’m voting but only out of duty. I don’t blame people who don’t vote. It’s their right and I respect their choice.

In fact, this is what concerns me. Most people don’t respect the choices and/or opinions of one another.

Personally, I reside nearly smack dab in the center of the political spectrum. In fact, I lean a little left economically and a little right socially.

I challenge someone from the right and they call me a communist. Yet someone from the left will assume I’m a racist and sexist.

Did You Know?

… it’s possible to be a pro-lifer while defending someone’s right to an abortion?

… you can defend someone’s civil rights and still call them out when they’re wrong?

… someone can still support sound financial management while still supporting social programs like welfare and guaranteed minimum income?

… that a white, Christian male can still be stomped into the ground by the system?

… that not all those who lean left are dictator-loving commies?

… that not all those who lean right are racist and sexist?

… sincerely challenging someone’s beliefs is not a sign of hatred but one of love and kindness?

… the word bigot applies to anyone who is intolerant of those don’t agree with them.

Herein lies the problem: most people don’t know these things and that’s why our country is divided.

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